What Do You Wear Under Boxing Shorts: Essential Considerations and Options

Under boxing shorts, it is common to wear compression shorts or briefs for added support and comfort. Boxing shorts are typically worn with compression shorts or briefs to provide support and comfort during training or competition.

Compression shorts help to reduce muscle fatigue and improve performance by providing a snug fit that supports the muscles. They also help to prevent chafing and provide ventilation to keep you cool and dry.

Briefs, on the other hand, offer a more minimalistic option for those who prefer less coverage.

Choosing between compression shorts or briefs depends on personal preference and comfort.

Choosing a pair of undergarments that allow for freedom of movement and provide the necessary support during intense boxing sessions is important.

Why Choosing the Right Undergarments Matters

Choosing the right undergarments is essential for comfort and support during boxing. Properly fitted compression shorts or athletic briefs can provide the necessary protection and minimize distractions, allowing athletes to focus on their performance.

Boxing shorts are essential to a boxer’s attire, providing comfort, support, and freedom of movement during training or matches. However, what you wear under those shorts is just as important.

Choosing the right undergarments can significantly impact your performance, comfort, and overall boxing experience.

This section will explore why selecting the appropriate undergarments matters and how they can enhance your boxing performance.

Improved Comfort and Mobility

  • Compression shorts: Compression shorts are an excellent choice for boxers as they provide support, reduce muscle fatigue, and enhance blood circulation. The tight fit also prevents chafing and friction, ensuring maximum comfort during long training sessions or matches.
  • Moisture-wicking fabrics: Moisture-wicking fabrics like polyester or nylon can help keep you cool and dry by wicking away sweat from your skin. These fabrics are breathable and quick-drying, allowing you to focus on your technique without feeling weighed down or uncomfortable.
  • Seamless design: Undergarments with seamless construction minimize irritation and rubbing against sensitive areas. This smooth design prevents chafing, which can be particularly irritating during intense boxing sessions.

Hygiene and Odor Control

  • Antibacterial properties: Look for undergarments with antibacterial properties that help control odor-causing bacteria. Boxing is a highly physical activity; undergarments that manage odor can keep you fresh and confident throughout your training or competition.
  • Moisture management: Using undergarments that effectively manage moisture and sweat can prevent the growth of bacteria and reduce the likelihood of unpleasant odors. Opt for fabrics known for their moisture-absorbing capabilities to keep your body dry and odor-free.

Preventive Measures and Support

  • Groin protection: Wearing protective cups or groin guards is essential for male boxers to protect against potential injuries. These specialized undergarments provide extra support and safeguard your sensitive areas from accidental impacts.
  • Sports bras: Female boxers should invest in a high-quality sports bra that offers adequate support and prevents breast discomfort during intense physical activity. A well-fitting sports bra can minimize breast movement, reducing the risk of tissue damage and discomfort.

Optimal Temperature Regulation

  • Thermal underwear: In colder conditions, wearing thermal or insulating underwear can help keep your body warm and maintain an optimal temperature. These undergarments trap body heat and prevent it from escaping, ensuring your muscles remain warm and flexible throughout your training or match.
  • Breathable fabrics: On the other hand, in hotter climates or strenuous workouts, opting for undergarments made from breathable fabrics allows air circulation, preventing overheating and excess perspiration. This cooling effect reduces the chances of discomfort and fatigue during your boxing sessions.

Choosing the right undergarments is critical for any boxer looking to optimize their performance, comfort, and hygiene.

Investing in high-quality, suitable undergarments can enhance your boxing experience, allowing you to focus on your technique, agility, and power without unnecessary distractions.

Take the time to research and select undergarments that best align with your needs and preferences, ensuring a comfortable and successful boxing journey.

Considerations for Selecting Undergarments: Material, Fit, Length, and Seamless Designs

When choosing what to wear under boxing shorts, it’s important to consider the material, fit, length, and seamless designs of undergarments. These factors can enhance comfort, support, and mobility during training or in the ring.

Choose undergarments that provide the right combination of these features to optimize your boxing performance.

Regarding what to wear under your boxing shorts, there are a few important considerations to remember. The right undergarments can enhance your comfort, movement, and overall boxing experience.

To help you make the best decision, consider the following factors: material, fit, length, and seamless designs.


  • Cotton: Cotton is breathable and absorbs sweat, making it a popular undergarment choice. It provides comfort and helps keep you cool during intense training sessions.
  • Nylon/spandex blend: This synthetic blend offers stretch and flexibility, allowing for a maximum range of motion. It also wicks away moisture, keeping you dry and comfortable.
  • Moisture-wicking fabrics: Look for undergarments made from moisture-wicking materials, such as polyester or bamboo, that help keep sweat away from your body. This can prevent discomfort and chafing during workouts.


  • Snug but not restrictive: The undergarments should fit snugly against your body without being too tight or restrictive. A proper fit ensures the undergarments stay in place and do not ride up or bunch during your boxing sessions.
  • Elastic waistband: Look for undergarments with an elastic waistband that provides a secure fit and prevents them from sliding down during intense movements.
  • Contoured pouch: For male boxers, undergarments with a contoured pouch offer extra support and comfort. The pouch helps keep everything in place and minimizes discomfort.


  • Boxer briefs: Boxer briefs are popular among boxers due to their longer length. They offer coverage and support without restricting movement. The longer legs help prevent thigh chafing, making them a great option for intense training sessions.
  • Compression shorts: Compression shorts are another suitable option for wearing under boxing shorts. They provide a snug fit and support to the muscles, reducing vibrations and fatigue. They are particularly beneficial for longer training sessions or during competitions.

Seamless Designs

  • Reduced friction: Undergarments with seamless designs minimize friction, reducing the likelihood of chafing or irritation during boxing workouts.
  • Smooth and comfortable: Seamless designs provide a smooth and comfortable feel against your skin, eliminating any potential discomfort or distractions during training sessions.

By considering the material, fit, length, and seamless designs of the undergarments you wear under your boxing shorts, you can ensure optimal comfort and freedom of movement during your boxing sessions.

Find the right combination that works for you, and you’ll be able to focus fully on your technique and training, knowing that you have the right foundation.

Undergarment Options for Boxing Shorts: Choosing the Right Support and Comfort

When it comes to boxing shorts, choosing the right undergarment is crucial for support and comfort. Whether it’s compression shorts, briefs, or commando, finding the right option is important for a successful workout or match.

Whether you’re a professional boxer or someone who enjoys boxing workouts, having the right undergarments under your boxing shorts is crucial for support, comfort, and overall performance.

Various options are available, from choosing the right fabric to finding the perfect fit.

Here are some undergarment options to consider:

Compression Shorts

  • Compression shorts are a popular choice for boxers due to their snug fit that helps improve muscle performance and circulation.
  • They are made from stretchy materials like spandex, nylon, or polyester to provide flexibility during intense boxing movements.
  • Compression shorts also offer excellent moisture-wicking properties to keep you dry and comfortable during workouts or matches.
  • Some compression shorts also have built-in padding to provide extra protection and support for sensitive areas.


  • Briefs are a more traditional option for under-boxing shorts, offering support and comfort.
  • They typically feature an elastic waistband and a snug fit to prevent them from riding up during movement.
  • Briefs made from moisture-wicking fabrics, such as cotton or synthetic blends, help keep sweat at bay.
  • Look for briefs with a contoured pouch design to provide adequate support and prevent unwanted shifting.

Boxer Briefs

  • Boxer briefs combine the best features of both boxers and briefs, offering support and coverage.
  • They provide a longer leg length than briefs, ensuring better coverage and reducing the risk of chafing.
  • Boxer briefs made from moisture-wicking and breathable fabrics, such as modal or microfiber, are ideal for boxing.
  • Opt for boxer briefs with a snug fit and a functional fly for convenience.


  • Although less commonly used, jockstraps can provide excellent support and protection for boxers.
  • They feature an elastic waistband and leg straps to secure the protective cup.
  • Jockstraps are designed to shield sensitive areas from impact and offer added confidence during boxing matches or sparring sessions.
  • Look for jockstraps with moisture-wicking materials and breathable construction for maximum comfort.

Going Commando

  • Some boxers prefer to wear no undergarments under their boxing shorts, also known as going commando.
  • Going without undergarments can provide a sense of freedom and reduce any potential discomfort from seams or waistbands.
  • However, it’s important to note that without proper moisture-wicking protection, sweat buildup and chafing can become problematic.
  • If considering going commando, ensure your boxing shorts have a comfortable and moisture-wicking lining.

Personal preference varies; what works for one boxer may not work for another. Try different options and choose undergarments that provide the right support, comfort, and overall performance.

Hygiene and Care Tips: Maintaining Cleanliness and Longevity of Your Boxing Shorts Undergarments

Maintain the cleanliness and longevity of your boxing shorts by following these hygiene and care tips. Keeping your undergarments clean is essential for overall comfort and hygiene during workouts and matches.

Boxing shorts are integral to a boxer’s gear, allowing for ease of movement and comfort during intense training sessions or competitive bouts. While the focus is usually on the design and fit of the shorts themselves, it’s also crucial to consider what you wear underneath them.

Proper hygiene and care of your boxing shorts and undergarments are essential for cleanliness and longevity. In this section, we will explore some tips to help you maintain the cleanliness of your undergarments and ensure they last.

  • Wash after each use: It’s important to wash your boxing shorts and undergarments after every wear. Sweat and bacteria can accumulate, leading to odor and potential infections. Proper cleaning ensures freshness and hygiene.
  • Use mild detergents: When washing your boxing shorts undergarments, use gentle detergents on the fabric. Harsh chemicals can be detrimental to their quality and elasticity over time.
  • Avoid fabric softeners: While fabric softeners may make your undergarments feel softer, they can leave a residue that affects breathability and absorbency. Skip the fabric softener and allow the material’s natural properties to shine.
  • Air drying for best results: Instead of using a dryer, air drying is the preferred method for ensuring the longevity of your boxing shorts and undergarments. The dryer heat can weaken the fabric and elastic, leading to faster wear and tear.
  • Store in a clean, dry place: After washing and drying your undergarments, store them in a clean, dry place. Avoid areas with excessive moisture or high temperatures, as these can contribute to the growth of mold or bacteria.
  • Rotate between multiple pairs: Having multiple pairs of boxing shorts and undergarments allows you to rotate them during training sessions or matches. This not only extends the lifespan of each pair but also gives them ample time to dry fully between uses.
  • Replace worn-out undergarments: Over time, the fabric and elasticity of your undergarments will naturally deteriorate. When you notice signs of wear, such as stretched elastic or thinning material, it’s time to replace them. Continuing to wear worn-out undergarments can impact comfort and support.
  • Avoid sharing undergarments: While it may seem convenient, sharing boxing shorts undergarments is not recommended for hygiene purposes. Each individual’s sweat and bacteria can be different, and using someone else’s undergarments can increase the risk of infections or skin irritations.
  • Keep personal hygiene in check: Alongside proper care for your boxing shorts and undergarments, maintaining good personal hygiene is essential. Showering before and after training, using antiperspirants, and keeping nails trimmed can contribute to overall cleanliness and prevent bacterial growth.
  • Follow manufacturer’s instructions: Always refer to the instructions for washing and care guidelines specific to your boxing shorts and undergarments. Each material may have unique requirements to ensure optimal longevity and performance.

By following these hygiene and care tips, you can maintain the cleanliness of your boxing shorts undergarments and prolong their lifespan, ensuring comfort and performance during your training sessions or matches.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Wear Under Boxing Shorts for Protection?

Under boxing shorts, it is recommended to wear a groin guard, also known as a cup, for protection. This essential equipment helps protect against unintentional kicks or punches to the groin area, minimizing the risk of injury during boxing training or matches.

Can You Wear Compression Shorts Under Boxing Shorts?

Yes, you can wear compression shorts under boxing shorts. Compression shorts support your muscles and help reduce muscle fatigue during intense training. They also help absorb sweat and keep you dry, ensuring comfort throughout your boxing session.

Do You Wear Underwear Under Boxing Shorts?

No, you typically do not wear regular underwear under boxing shorts. Wearing regular underwear can be uncomfortable and may restrict movement. Instead, opt for specialized compression shorts or briefs designed for combat sports, which provide better support and flexibility during training or matches.


Choosing the right attire under your boxing shorts is crucial for comfort and performance during your training or match.

Combining a supportive pair of compression shorts or briefs, a moisture-wicking shirt, and quality socks can help prevent chafing, properly support muscles, and keep you cool and dry.

Opting for nylon, polyester, or spandex ensures flexibility and breathability. Remember to prioritize functionality and comfort over style when selecting your undergarments, as they significantly affect your overall boxing experience.

Additionally, taking proactive steps to maintain proper hygiene, such as regularly washing your gear and replacing worn-out items, is essential for a healthy and enjoyable boxing session.

So, equip yourself with the right undergarments to optimize your performance and maximize your time in the ring.

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